26th May 2017

It is bakingly hot, it has been bakingly hot for a few days now. The air is thick with humidity. The recently turned earth in my garden is turning lighter and lighter brown, though the plants still thrive and the eucalyptus had generated a new, shaggy coat which casts shade over the bottom of the garden. My children are out in the garden; my son is teaching my daughter how to fence. They are chattering and giggling; I catch only a few words: lunge, attack, recover but the words themselves are less important than the way they express them. They are having fun. The cat is sitting in the middle of the grass cleaning herself and the way she sits there so comfortably makes me think of the coolness of the grass, its dampness under bare feet and I think I will go out and join them in a minute. But for now it is pleasant to merely sit here, cool in the path of a breeze, listening to the happy sounds flowing through my open window.

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