12th August 2017

I was thinking about meditation and how hard I’ve found it to attempt to meditate every day. I just forget, or I run out of time or think I’ve run out of time and before I know it the day is over and I’ve done everything but meditate: surfed the web, washed up, made food, eaten food, drunk tea, watched TV, read my books. All of these things are fine and good, but surely somewhere I can fit in 10 minutes a day to sit and be in the moment?

I have thought this for a long time and I have berated myself for failing to find a mere 10 minutes in a day in which I can sit quietly and clear my mind. Then I realised, perhaps I was thinking about it wrong. Perhaps I don’t need to do 10 minutes but rather 5 would do. And if not 5, then 3. Or if not 3, then 2. And less than 2 is perhaps too little, but if only I can find 5 minutes then I can, perhaps, get into the habit and once I’m in the habit I can extend that 5 minutes to 6, and then 7, and then 8, and then 9 and then 10. And maybe beyond that. But the habit itself, I need to generate it.

I realised this after reading Leo Babauta‘s blog about the key to habit forming. I recently discovered the zen habits website and have been reading it a little bit, and I realised that it is and always has been me that holds me back from achieving what I want to achieve. Because I vacillate. Because I plan. Because I have spent so much of my life being prepared for the ‘just in case’ moment when instead I should just ‘do it now’, don’t put it off, don’t do something else, don’t wait, don’t think about going to the supermarket again because I might just need something tomorrow or the next day or next week. Do it now. It is crazily dangerous advice.

So I’m going to. Right now.

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