21st June 2017

I went to the hospital this morning for a blood test and walked home through the nature reserve. It is only a small reserve, a grassy hill with trees. The grass had grown shoulder-height, hiding the industrial units and the red-roofed houses from my view. The weather was hazy, warm and humid and the grasses were busy with insects. I saw a Red Admiral butterfly dipping on and off the path ahead. On a tree, a bird was singing. It was a small bird, sparrow-sized but with a black cap and white flashes at its neck, rather like a coal tit, and I learned later it was a reed bunting and I was pleased because I’ve never seen one before. Everywhere I walked I happened across these unusual butterfly-like insects. They had bodies like a caterpillar but their wings were short and they flashed red as the insect flew. I have seen them before hereabouts, but never been able to identify them. They were abundent, flying amongst the grass. Here and there one would alight on a flower, and I managed to take a photograph which I used to identify then as six-spot or five-spot burnets, a type of moth. Another new acquisition. It has been an enriching day.


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