9th June 2017

Today I have been thinking about all the reasons I have to be thankful, reasons which are varied and abundant, a matter for which I am additionally thankful.

I am thankful for my family, for their unfailing goodness and their support and their honesty. I love that they accept me for who I am, whilst challenging me to be the very best version of that. I value their insight and their decency, their kindness and their love which is limitless and freely given, without condition or demand.

I am thankful for my health, for the health that I have had and continue to enjoy. It is not perfect, nothing in my life is, but it is good enough. It could be better if I cared for it more, listened to it more.

I am thankful for my mind which is busy and inquisitive. I love that the world offers so much to be interested in, that every little thing is a bundle of boundless complexity and infinite curiosity.

I am thankful for the people, so many people, who share their insight and their curiosity, who seek to uncover the mysteries of the universe and share their findings with others.

I am thankful for all those people who work tirelessly to make the lives of others better, for their kindness and the comfort they bring. For the hope they offer and the hope they believe in.

I am thankful for my freedom, such as it is, in the knowledge I could have much less of it.

I am thankful that, in the main, I am able to express myself without restriction.

I am thankful for my life.

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