A change is as good as a rest, or so it is said. We are meant not to fear change: change is positive; through change comes growth; change is something we must learn to love, to adapt to. You can change people say, meaning you can get better. Things change meaning there is hope.

It is a time of intense change.

Change has happened yet nothing has happened. It is time to adapt, yet there is nothing to adapt to.

In this vacuum, fear grows.

There are changes which are sudden, that hit like a flash of lightning. These are changes which force themselves on us, to which we must abandon ourselves. We are hit by the blast, the force of it reaches our every cell. We have no choice but to adapt to it: adapt or die. That is the only choice. Through such change we may find unexpected strength, we may discover in ourselves something we didn’t know was there: cowardice, bravery, selfishness, selflessness, a core of iron that runs from head to feet. Whatever it is, whatever we find, we have to adapt to it. There’s no escape.

Then there are changes which creep upon us like a vine growing inch by inch, slowly, without being seen. We all recognise it: the one grey hair, the stumble of memory, the different person that smiles back at us from old photographs. Like the slow erosion of a mountain its progress is imperceptible. It creeps, it cannot be confronted. We don’t see it until it is too late, until it has taken root so deep to remove it would be to cut out a chunk of ourselves. This kind of change is the most frightening. This kind of change adapts to us, we are ill-equipped to fight it.

Things have changed; or maybe they haven’t? Maybe it was like this all along and in the lightning’s flash it’s been exposed. Maybe we were looking the other way, too busy watching TV to see the storm gathering outside our window.

Maybe the change isn’t out there but in here.

If the lightning flash surprises you, maybe you need to ask yourself why you didn’t see the dark clouds.

Things change: meaning there is something unknown, something you can’t control, creeping up on you. Pay attention. Prepare yourself. Adapt.

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